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Why Engineers Choose Acton Tech for OMRON MOS FET Relays

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Discover why engineers trust Acton Tech for top-quality Omron MOS FET relays. Explore our comprehensive range of electronics and semiconductor solutions and seamless support for your electronic projects.

You are an engineer staring at a tangle of wires and relays on your workbench, wondering how you’ll ever get your latest prototype up and running. You need something reliable that can handle high currents and voltages without overheating or failing prematurely.

What you need is OMRON MOSFET relays, the top choice of engineers everywhere for advanced applications.

OMRON MOS FET Relays Applications:

  1. Automated Test Equipment
      • IC test system
      • Semiconductor wafer test system
      • In-circuit electrical tester
      • General Electrical Tester
  2. Factory Automation
  3. Office Automation Equipment
  4. Industrial Equipment
  5. Detectors
  6. Control Panels
GV3M Series - Omron

Introduction to OMRON MOS FET Relays

As an engineer, you know that choosing reliable components is key to the success of your project.

That’s why OMRON MOS FET relays should be at the top of your list. 

With Acton Tech, we will help you blend the attributes of Electro-mechanical relays and semiconductors. A MOS FET relay is a non-contact relay that combines features of both mechanical relays and semiconductors. 

It has features where every engineer is looking for when designing new products. 

  • Compact Size 
  • Longer Lifecycle 
  • Low Leakage Current 
  • High Load Voltage 
  • Low On-Resistance 
  • Current Limiting 
  • Multi-Pole Contact Configuration 
  • High Dielectric Strength 
  • Voltage-Driven Types 

Key Benefits of OMRON MOS FET Relays

  • Simplifies and streamlines board design by modularizing components into a single package, reducing workload. 
  • Significantly decreases mounting space by around 78% compared to traditional SPDT circuit configurations on a board. 
  • Ensures a prolonged service life by adopting semiconductor relays without physical contacts, reducing the need for frequent maintenance. 
  • Enhances measurement accuracy for precise results. 
  • Facilitates space-saving with its ultra-compact size, enabling high-density mounting even in equipment with intricate circuits. 
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Why Engineers Choose Acton Tech for OMRON MOS FET Relays


Acton Tech’s OMRON MOS FET relays are renowned for their dependability and durability. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure consistent performance under demanding conditions. You can count on OMRON MOS FET Relays to work as intended in your critical systems and equipment. 

High Switching Speeds 

When microseconds matter, OMRON MOSFET relays deliver.  These relays are ideal for applications where speed and precision are essential, such as semiconductor test equipment, robotics, and factory automation systems. 

Compact Size 

Space is always at a premium in engineering designs. OMRON MOSFET relays have an ultra-compact footprint, freeing up valuable board space. Some models are as small as a postage stamp. Their surface-mount capability also allows for high-density mounting. More relays in less space gives you greater flexibility and control in your circuits. 

Environmental Durability 

Whether operating in high temperatures, intense vibration, or hazardous areas, OMRON MOSFET relays remain unfazed. When the environment gets tough, these relays keep working. 

For critical systems that demand the highest performance and reliability, OMRON MOSFET relays from Acton Tech are the smart choice of engineers worldwide. With models for any application, Acton Tech has the specific solution to meet your needs. 



Acton Tech: Reliable Deliveries, Expert Guidance, Seamless Experience​

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OMRON MOSFET relays are a reliable choice for engineers due to their compact size, long lifespan, low leakage current, and high load voltage. They have key benefits like simplifying board design, providing a prolonged service life, and enabling high-density mounting.

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