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EMI Suppression Ferrite | Applications and Benefits

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EMI Suppression Ferrite

Applications and Industries Benefitting From 3N2 Material

3N2 is suited for a wide range of applications, especially those requiring high impedance and permeability.

3N2 from Ferroxcube sets a new standard for EMI suppression materials. With its combination of high performance, low cost, customization options and durability, 3N2 proves a compelling replacement for traditional Nickel Zinc and nanocrystalline cores in a wide range of applications. 3N2 allows engineers to improve product designs while reducing costs, making it a game-changing material for EMI suppression
  • Power supplies and inverters may use 3N2 cores for noise suppression and EMI filtering, with high impedance reducing noise from switch mode power supplies
  • Automotive electronics benefit from 3N2 in alternators, onboard chargers, DC-DC converters, and more to meet EMC regulations. 3N2’s wide frequency range caters to various automotive applications.
  • Industrial equipment like variable frequency drives, servo drives, and motor controls commonly employ 3N2 cores for EMI filtering.  3N2’s high permeability effectively suppresses noise from the high frequencies in industrial devices.
  • Medical devices have strict EMC requirements to avoid interfering with other equipment. 3N2 is an ideal solution for EMI filters in devices like imaging equipment, patient monitoring systems, and laboratory equipment. Its high resistivity prevents eddy current losses, even at high frequencies.
  • Renewable energy applications such as solar inverters and wind turbine converters benefit from 3N2’s properties by aiding in EMI suppression to meet global standards

What are the main benefits of 3N2?

3N2 offers remarkable performance for EMI suppression at a lower cost than materials like Nickel Zinc. This versatile material can replace expensive alternatives without compromising performance.

How does 3N2 actually work?

3N2 is a soft ferrite material with a unique microstructure that gives it special magnetic properties. Its high permeability means it can absorb electromagnetic energy effectively over a broad frequency spectrum.

The material’s high resistivity also helps convert this energy into heat, which is then dissipated. This combination of permeability and resistivity is what gives 3N2 its excellent noise suppression capabilities.

What applications is 3N2 suitable for?

3N2 is ideal for any application where reducing EMI and noise is critical, such as:

  • Power supplies and power line filters to attenuate noise
  • Data and signal lines to minimize interference
  • Sensors and actuators to eliminate noise
  • Medical equipment to improve signal clarity
  • Consumer electronics to block unwanted frequencies

3N2 can be used in various form factors like toroids, E-cores, U-cores, and planar cores to suit different applications. Its flexibility and performance make it a great choice for cost-effective EMI suppression in a variety of industries.

How does 3N2 compare to other materials?

Compared to materials like Nickel Zinc, 3N2 offers comparable or better performance at a lower cost. It also has advantages over nanocrystalline and amorphous alloys in many applications. 3N2’s high permeability gives it strong low-frequency attenuation, while its high resistivity provides good high-frequency suppression – a unique combination that other materials struggle to match.

For EMI suppression across a wide frequency spectrum, 3N2 is an excellent, budget-friendly alternative to more expensive options. Its all-around capabilities and affordability make it a game-changer for noise reduction

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