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YAGEO group completed the acquisition of Chilisin Electronics Corporation. As a result, Chilisin and its subsidiary brands, namely Mag.Layers, Magic, and Bothhand, will be phased out, and their products will be rebranded under the name Pulse Electronics.
Pulse Electronics, now a YAGEO company, plays a pivotal role within a consortium of businesses, collectively forming one of the world's largest manufacturers of passive electronic components. Established in 1956 in Redwood City, California, Pulse was acquired by Yageo Corporation in 2018, boasting over 60 years of innovative expertise and standing out as a leader in technology, design, and manufacturing.
The array of passive electronic components offered by Pulse includes power and networking magnetics, current sensing devices, cable harnesses, power supplies, antennas, and connectors. With a global customer base encompassing leaders in the Communications, Computing, Consumer, Industrial, IoT, and Transportation sectors, our products find applications in diverse fields such as hybrid and electric vehicles, 5G mobile network systems, smart grids, wearables, lighting, cell phones, data centers, wireless charging, industrial automation equipment, and security.

Standard Power

covering Mini and Large Molded Inductors, Multi-Layer, Wirewound and RF Chip Inductors and the Ferroxcube product families.

Specialized Power

covering specialized and custom power magnetics including inductors, transformers, CM chokes and current sense magnetics as well as motor coils, cable systems, solenoids, ignition coils and power suppliers.

Wired Communications

covering integrated connector modules (ICMs), Discrete Ethernet LAN Transforms, Signal Level CM Chokes, Connectors and BMS Magnetics.

Wireless Communications

covering Antennas including embedded, internal, external, outdoor and vehicular as well as 3D antenna technologies, LTCC RF components and wireless charging coils.