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YAGEO Corporation, a Taiwanese-based electronic component manufacturing company established in 1977, is one of the world’s leading providers of passive component solutions. With capabilities to meet diverse customer requirements on a global scale, the company encompasses an impressive and comprehensive product portfolio. YAGEO specialises in passive devices, including resistors, capacitors and inductors, but they also provide a variety of other electronic products, including transformers, relays, antennas, wireless components and circuit protection components.
As a one-stop-shop provider with an extensive product line, YAGEO has the ability to cater to integral vertical markets, offering applications for aerospace, automotive, 5G and telecommunications, industrial, medical, IoT (Internet of Things), power management, green power, computer peripherals and consumer electronics.

Chip Resistors, through Hole Resistors:


YAGEO’s throughhole chip resistors provide unparalleled reliability, durability and precision. The complete range covers automotive-grade, metal film, precision thin film, surge, sulphur-resistant, high power and high voltage resistors, along with miniature 01005 and 0075 sizes and resistor arrays. Whether your application demands extreme precision, high wattage or specialty requirements, YAGEO’s chip resistors will deliver. Their metal blend formulations withstand the harshest environments while maintaining accuracy, stability and low inductance.

YAGEO’S product range encompasses robust, thick film solutions, sleek-thin film options, current sensors, and anti-FOS grade offerings. These are perfect for a diverse range of applications in the automotive sector. Whether your requirement is for infotainment systems, comfort and convenience features, security measures, Electronic Control Units (ECU), steering mechanisms, power management, or lighting systems, our solutions are poised to drive excellence in your automotive industry applications.

YAGEO’s thin film chip resistors provide high precision, high stability, a narrow tolerance of ±0.1% and a low TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) of ±25ppm/°C. The minimum available case size is 0402, and the lowest TCR is ±5ppm/°C.


Their integrated discrete chip resistors can effectively reduce PCB (printed circuit board) space while delivering high component reliability and are more efficient in pick and place applications.


YAGEO’s leadfree chip resistors are compatible with all soldering processes without RoHS exemptions (7C-1). In addition, this series is highly stable in auto-placement surface mounting applications.​


Trimmable chip resistors offer flexibility in trimming resistance and are typically space-saving, enabling high-precision resistance adjustments.


Their product offerings are designed for low resistance values (down to 0.5mR), low TCR (metals with 50ppm/°C), and highpower ratings (case size 2512 with 1-3W).
Wide termination and 4 terminations (Kelvin configuration) are also available.

Designed to ensure precision and optimal productivity, they are optimised through a highly reliable electrode construction. The series boasts a narrow tolerance of ±0.1% and a low TCR of ±50ppm /°C.​


High-voltage surface mount resistors are engineered to be compatible with the operation of automatic placement systems. They are ideal for industrial automation, power supplies, and battery chargers. The series is designed to handle a maximum working voltage of 500V with case sizes from 0603 to 2512.​


This surface layer finish is typically utilised on numerous types of electronic components and passive devices. It consists of two layers: a nickel layer (Ni) and a layer of gold (Au). This combination of layers makes it ideal for hybrid board glueing and hightemperature environment applications.​


Curated to enhance the resistance to sulphur-containing environments, they incorporate both thick and thin film resistive technology.

Constructed with highly reliable electrode configurations, this series is suitable for all general-purpose applications, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, televisions and many others. They offer case sizes from 0075 to 2512.​


Anti-surge chip resistors demonstrate excellent pulse loading performance without creating any significant impact on the resistance values. This makes them suitable for transient waves of current or overvoltages.​


RF attenuators play an important role in the miniaturisation of electronic systems, facilitating a compact solution along with higher component and system efficiency and reliability. RF attenuators can be integrated in a range of applications, such as smartphones, receivers, battery charges, laptops, and tablets.


Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC):


Yageo, a prominent provider of MLCC, consistently dedicates its R&D capabilities towards the evolution of product design, the enhancement of manufacturing processes, and the assurance of quality control. Their diverse product portfolio serves a broad spectrum of applications, spanning from consumer electronics and robust industrial machinery to sophisticated automotive electronic systems. The range features general-purpose components, ultra-compact sizes, high-voltage options, soft termination, high-Q variants for high-frequency communication, automotive-grade reliability, lowinductance solutions, and so much more.

YAGEO offers a wide selection of general purpose MLCCs that are equipped to meet diverse requirements in electric devices. These capacitors have no polarity, which means the chances for incorrect connections are much lower, making the installation process much simpler and more convenient.

YAGEO’s MLCCs come with an IEC60068 qualification, signifying the devices have been rigorously tested and comply with international standards. Moreover, YAGEO’s MLCCs are RoHS compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and Halogen free. This is an essential aspect when it comes to ensuring the products you purchase have been manufactured adhering to regulatory practices, and are hazard-free and environmentally-friendly.


YAGEO CS series MLCCs feature a flexible termination system, possessing the ability to withstand up to 3 mm of board flex and performs extremely well with high flexure stress circuit boards, switch power supplies and the Telecom base station.


YAGEO low inductance MLCCs can effectively suppress high-frequency (HF) noises and reduce the ripple voltage on DC lines. Moreover, their special reverse design enhances the equivalent series inductance (ESL) of the capacitors, which is a crucial feature for applications in integrated circuit (IC) packages.

Automotive grade MLCCs, which are qualified with AEC-Q200 criteria, are preferred over general purpose MLCCs due to the provision of greater reliability, safety, durability, and efficiency.


The need for high-density component mounting has skyrocketed due to the demand for enhanced functionalities in smartphones, wearable smart devices and modules. YAGEO’s smallsize MLCCs with accurate dimension control provides effective pick and place implementation in addition to the required reliability.


Manufactured with a copper inner electrode, YAGEO’s HiQ series are designed with extremely low electrical series resistance (ESR) in VHF, UHF and microwave frequency bands. Moreover, the HiQ series can effectively reduce the power dissipation of wireless signals.


The YAGEO’s Capacitor array, CA series, is a 4-in-1 capacitance that offers more spacesaving benefits with enhanced manufacturing efficiency.


Complete Circuit Protection Components and Solutions


Their product line offers complete circuit protection solutions, including overvoltage protection components TVS, MOV, GDT, SPG, ESD, TSS and overcurrent protection components PPTC and NTC. As TVS, MOV, and ESD products have precise voltage clamping capability, they can constrain the voltage to a permissible level to prevent circuit damage by conducting significant currents to the ground. GDT, SPG and TSS products, on the other hand, will work as a switch and can be turned on to conduct transient abnormal current to the ground. PPTC and NTC are resistors whose resistances are dependent on temperature and the resistances can be changed along with the temperature to protect the circuit.

TVS (transient voltage suppressors) have extremely quick response speeds and will protect your sensitive electronic equipment from voltage transients (short, fast-moving, and high-energy bursts) that are induced by lightning and other voltage transient events (e.g., arcing, unfiltered electrical equipment, etc.). Furthermore, TVS comes with the benefit of having low dynamic resistance and excellent clamping ability, as well as high reliability.


Rectifier diodes are fundamental electronic components that play a vital role in the conversion of alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC), preventing the flow of electricity in the opposite direction. YAGEO’s high-quality diodes also power supply circuits offering fast recovery times, high reliability, and a wide operating temperature range.


ESD (Electrostatic Discharge Protection Devices), also known as TVS diode arrays, protects your electronic devices from voltage transients, including electrostatic discharges. YAGEO’s ESD solutions are available in a variety of configurations and can be utilised in different applications as they provide enhanced design flexibility for capacitance and pulse load capability.

When it comes to applications in telecommunication, SPG (SPark Gap Protectors) can meet the required quality as they have low junction capacitance (< 2pF). SPGs can dissipate high energies and surge currents in a fraction of a second and have faster response speeds than circuit protection components like GDTs (GDT ≤ 100nS, SPG ≤ 1nS).


YAGEO offers a variety of industrial and automotivegrade TVS products with different package types and power ratings, which are widely used in lowspeed data transmission lines or DC power lines.​


YAGEO offers high-quality SMD (Surface Mount Device) fuses, enabling customers to have reliable circuit protection. Their low-profile and space-saving fuses come in various sizes and ratings, including fast-acting and time-delay options.​


GDTs (gas discharge tubes) are designed for energy dispersion and are a good solution for surge protection. The insulation resistance of a GDT is over 1GΩ, allowing it to achieve a low degradation speed and high reliability. YAGEO offers different packages, including the SMD- and DIP-type GDT. In addition, both two-electrode and three-electrode GDTs are available.

Thyristor Surge Suppressors (TSS) have fast response speeds, encompassing an excellent clamping capability to safeguard against overvoltage spikes. TSS also has a low leak current and junction capacitance that enables it to meet the desired quality requirements for data transmission and low power consumption circuits.


YAGEO’s SMD Zener diodes provide stable voltage regulation in compact designs. These diodes also offer fast switching speeds and low noise operation for high-frequency circuits. Furthermore, they are highly versatile and reliable for a range of voltage regulation applications.​


MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) has a fast response speed to protect sensitive electronic equipment from voltage transients induced by lightning and other transient voltage events. This circuit protection component has high voltage and a large withstanding surge current capacity. It is usually used in AC input of different power supplies for surge or lightning protection. YAGEO offers different working-temperature and size MOV products with the ability to reach up to 140 centigrade and sizes ranging from 5 mm to 53 mm.

Often referred to as resettable fuses, YAGEO’s PPTC (Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient Thermistor) has very low resistance under normal working conditions with no impact on the working circuit. The response speed of these circuit protection components ranges from a few dozen ms to a few seconds.


As the product name implies, NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermistor) has a negative temperature coefficient, which means the resistance decreases with increasing temperature. This product has excellent thermal cycle endurance and provides a high capability of surge current protection.


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