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Revolutionize Connectivity: Introducing Smiths Interconnect’s D Series Connectors!


In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, seamless communication and power transmission are vital in the medical field. Reliable, efficient, and state-of-the-art connectors play a crucial role in achieving this objective. Uncover the remarkable features and advantages of Smiths Interconnect’s D Series Connectorsfeaturing their robustness, reduced insertion/extraction forces, and resilience against environmental conditions. 


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In the field of medicine, dependable and safe electrical connectors play a crucial role in ensuring the optimal performance of medical equipment and devices. Smiths Interconnect, a leading provider of cutting-edge connectivity solutions, offers a wide range of high-quality connectors designed for both conventional and customized solutions. Among these technologies, Hypertac® (HYPERboloid contact), the standard and unrivalled hyperboloid contact technology, stands out as an exceptional choice for medical applications. With its intrinsic electrical and mechanical properties, The Hypertac® guarantees unmatched performance in terms of dependability, longevity, low contact force, and minimal contact resistance.



The Hyperboloid contact technology employed in Hypertac® connectors boasts several advantages over traditional layouts. These connectors provide superior conductivity due to their larger contact area and the wiping movement of the wires, resulting in reduced resistance. Compared to conventional designs, Hypertac® connectors offer approximately half the resistance, allowing for efficient power transmission. Furthermore, the design parameters of the contact wires can be customized to meet specific requirements, enabling an increase in the number of wires and the distribution of the contact area. This adaptability ensures interoperability with a wide range of medical applications, ranging from very large machines, such as Magnetic Resonance Imagine (MRI) systems to portable field devices such as defribillators.

Smiths Interconnect’s D Series Connectors, incorporating Hypertac® contact technology, have been engineered to provide ease of use during the connection and disconnection process. These connectors require minimal force when inserting or removing pins, making them exceptionally user-friendly. Special wires in the sockets allow users to precisely control the force required for pin insertion and removal, ensuring secure connections. Moreover, the connectors feature Hyperbolically arranged wires that facilitate smooth movement, reducing wear on the contact surfaces. Even after 100,000 connection and disconnection cycles, the contacts maintain their functionality and reliability.

The unique Hypertac® contact design of the D Series Connectors ensures stability and reliability, even in demanding medical environments characterized by shock and vibration. Rigorous testing has proven the exceptional dependability and longevity of these connectors. They are specifically designed to withstand challenging conditions while maintaining uninterrupted electrical continuity. Thanks to their low mass and inertia, the connectors excel in maintaining consistent performance, even during intense pin movements. The uniform contact area covering the entire circumference of the pin guarantees reliable and continuous performance.



D Series Connectors offer significant reductions in size and weight compared to other connectors, making them ideal for medical sub-system designs. These connectors eliminate the need for additional hardware to handle the pressures of connection and disconnection, simplifying the overall design process. Their small and lightweight nature makes them particularly suitable for medical applications with limited space. Utilizing these connectors allows more efficient utilization of available space and helps lower material and transportation costs.

The reduced contact resistance of D Series Connectors significantly decreases voltage drops, resulting in lower system power losses due to heat. This increased system efficiency extends the connector’s lifespan while reducing overall energy expenses. The ability to manage large amounts of current in small contact assemblies without the negative consequences of high temperature ensures optimal power transmission. Consequently, these connectors eliminate the need for expensive, bulkier connectors or additional components to compensate for power losses.

Mini D01 and D02 of the D Series Connectors

To cater to diverse medical needs, Smiths Interconnect offers D Series Connectors in three standard sizes: Mini D01, and D02. These connectors provide compatibility with various medical devices or systems. The D01 plug, with up to nine Hypertac® hyperboloid contacts in less than 0.5″ diameter, and the slightly larger D02, offering options from three power to 25 signal contacts, provide versatility for a range of applications. 

The Mini D01 and D02 connectors from Smiths Interconnect are specifically designed to meet the requirements of critical medical applications. Their exceptional reliability ensures consistent performance over time, making them ideal for medical equipment and gadgets. Additionally, these connectors are autoclavable, allowing for up to 20 cycles of pre-vacuum sterilization, meeting the stringent sterilization standards of medical settings. Furthermore, the connectors’ crimp contacts are shipped unloaded, simplifying termination and reducing overall ownership costs.

D Series Connectors offer design flexibility, allowing for the incorporation of multiple contact technologies within a single connector solution. Whether transmitting signals, power, or coaxial data, these connectors provide a versatile solution for different medical applications. They are available in fixed and in-line receptacles, enabling easy integration into box and extension cable designs. This flexibility in design options facilitates seamless integration into various medical systems.

For medical professionals and industries seeking quick-disconnect circular plastic connectors, Smiths Interconnect’s D Series Connectors incorporating Hypertac® Hyperboloid Technology offer unparalleled performance, efficiency, and reliability. These connectors enhance connectivity, reduce insertion/extraction forces, ensure durability in challenging environments, and provide size and weight reductions. The D Series Connectors deliver efficient power transmission, resulting in cost savings and long-term dependability across aerospace, defense, telecommunications, and medical industries. Embrace the future of connectivity with Smiths Interconnect’s D Series Connectors and unlock the full potential of your applications!

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your connectors or find out more on  the latest Smith’s D series technology,  contact us at Acton . We are ready to show you how these innovative connectors can benefit your medical devices and help you bring better products to the market.  Our experts are readily available to address any inquiries you may have. Don’t delay – reach out today and let’s embark on a discussion about how we can assist you!