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Smiths Interconnect

Founded in 2007, Smiths Interconnect has become one of the most sought-after suppliers of advanced electronic components, subsystems, as well as optical and radio frequency products for those seeking reliable, high-speed and secure connectivity, especially in harsh environments.
Smiths Interconnect’s electronic components are manufactured and designed to be innovative to ensure customers achieve optimal system performance. The company’s product line is multi-faceted, offering products and services for a multitude of markets ranging from medical, defence, aviation, wireless telecom and several others.
Hyperboloid Contacts :

Initially invented for railway applications, the technology behind this product has been expanded for its use in a number of industrial applications and is commonly used in products that are impacted by shock and vibration.

  • Hyperboloid contact technology
  • High reliability with low resistance
  • High current-carrying capacity and durability
  • Platform and versatile custom products providing exceptional
  • performance in critical applications and harsh environments
Spring Probe Interposers :

Also referred to as spring-loaded probes or contact probes, they play a vital role as intermediary electrical component connectors, bridging connections between two entities. Not only do spring probes have numerous configurations, but they are also available in an array of different variations, such as switch probes, solderable probes, interface contacts and many more.

  • Spring probe contact technology
  • High reliability with customisable solutions
  • Compact-sized probes with high-speed data transmissions
  • Compliant interconnect products ideal for high density, miniature and blind mate applications
High Speed Connectors :

These connectors are made to support high data transmission rates and are often used in data centres, telecommunications and other data systems that require high-speed data transfers.

  • Features the standard 100 and 150Ω quadrax and twinax contacts
  • Formats L MIL-DTL-38999, ARINC 600, MIL-DTL-83527 and D-Subminiature
  • Fibre Channel, Ethernet Fireware, USB, DVI and InfiniBand protocols
  • Supports wide bandwidths, facilitating fast data transfers
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices and are durable
High Power Connectors

High power connectors are available in a number of series, including the HBB series, transformer series, M40/M58 series, M12 series, and M23 series, as well as the L series featuring rack and panel connectors that come with coax and high current contacts (up to 200 Amps).

  • Rugged, single and multi-way formats
  • Power up to 700 Amps
  • Durable and suitable for harsh environmental conditions
  • High number of mating cycles
  • Long service life with reliable transmission of power
Spring Probe :

Also referred to as pogo pins, these electrical component connectors are utilised for temporary electrical connections.

  • Low profile, high compliance ratio
  • Z-axis compliance
  • Blind mate engagement
  • Low, stable resistance with a long cycle life
  • Customisable spring probe tips with multiple points of contact
  • Reliable and durable
Backplane :

This serves as a central hub for connecting various hardware components within a system.

  • Provides a broad portfolio including SOSA-aligned optical, COTS plus hard metric, VITA standard and high-speed twinax interconnects.
  • Addresses the requirements of mission-critical applications within commercial aerospace, space and defence market segments
  • Contributes to the flexibility and efficiency of electronic systems.
Electromagnetic Interference/Electromagnetic Pulse Filter (EMI/EMP)

These filters are designed to protect electrical equipment from disruptive electromagnetic interferences and pulses.

  • Intermateable and interchangeable with standard non-filter connectors
  • C, L and Pi style EMI filters
  • Provides TVS protection that meets the requirements of TCA D160 section 22 up to level 5
Circular Connectors:

These connectors support a broad range of contact voltages and currents and are designed to deliver data reliably.

  • Available in metal and plastic shells
  • Utilises a push-and-pull latching mechanism
  • Comprises crimps and solder terminations
  • Rugged mechanical performance
  • Offered in a variety of colour coding options
PCB Connectors :

Smiths Interconnect’s PCB power connectors are highly reliable and suitable for harsh environments.

  • Low, medium and high-density connectors with a long life cycle
  • Offers a wide choice of configurations and terminations of signal, power, high-speed, RF and spring probe contacts.
Modular/Rectangular Connectors:

Smiths Interconnect offers a diverse range of both modular and rectangular connectors, and these modular solutions are customisable.

  • Users can configure and combine signal, power, RF, twinax, triax, quadrax and fibre optic contacts into a single connector
  • Guides hardware for blind mating

Acton Technology isn’t just a distributor; we are a solution partner for all your electronic component connector needs and other industrial products, including for demanding medical applications. We stay updated with the latest trends and are poised to contend with the challenge of meeting the need for efficient and scalable manufacturing solutions when it comes to the medical field and other disciplines. You can rely on us to deliver customised solutions that fits all your specific requirements.

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