• Electronics Hardware

    • Balls and Bearings, Bushings, Spacers/Standoffs, Belts, Bumpers, Caps/Plugs, Clip/Clamp, DieCuts, Tapes, PCB, Hardware, Terminals, Spring Probes/Pogo Pins


    Screws, Rivets, Washers, nut, Eyelets, Interts, Pins, Retaining Rings, Spring, O-rings


    Surface Mount interconnect Technology

    • IDC Terminals, Shield Clips, AutoDapter / EdgeCard connectors, SpaceSaver Family SMT contact, S-Terminals, SpaceSaver terminals, Discrete SMT Power Pin Solder ball attach capabilities, Minifoot, Threadhead, SMT pins & autofeeder

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    Sleeving & Tubing

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    • Sleeving and Tubings, Braids & EMI/RFI Shieldings