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In the last few years, there has been a lot of hype around battery chargers, mainly due to the advent of electrical vehicles. In the energy-hungry world that we live in, electronics are ubiquitous across all industry from military to healthcare. Charging batteries is just as important as charging our phones, if not more so, and is constantly an area of innovation. However, new battery chemistries and higher demand in electrical vehicles, data center, commercial buildings and mobile electronics (e.g., wearables) led searches for new technologies able to support higher current charge rates without compromising on efficiency or reliability.

Meet the latest in high efficiency battery charger technology. The world’s semiconductor industry giants, YAGEO Group and MPS (Monolithic Power Systems Inc.) have teamed up to develop a power supply solution and power electronic applications. YAGEO Group covering KEMET Electronics Corporation, Pulse Electronics Corporation and YAGEO passive components. The first model: a high-efficiency server room 48V battery charger.

            As one of the exhibitors in the latest PCIM Europe 2022 Exhibit (the world’s leading exhibition and conference for power electronics, intelligent motion, renewable energy, and energy management)  YAGEO AND MPS presented their newly developed power supply solution: a high-efficiency server room 48V battery charger in which the demo boards are accompanied by an interactive schematic block diagram displayed on a touch screen to easily comprehend the interplay between the passive and active electronic components leading to this efficient power application wherein Silicon Carbide Technology played a major role in this scenario.


What is Silicon Carbide (SiC) Technology?


       Silicon carbide technology is a game changer. While silicon MOSFETs have historically been the gold standard for transistors, silicon carbide(SiC) devices emerged as the most viable contender for next-generation, low-loss semiconductors,due to its low ON resistance and improved high-temperature, high-frequency, and high-voltage performance as compared to traditional silicon.

        Silicon carbide cascodes combine the benefits of a wide band-gap semiconductor switch with the flexibility and ruggedness of silicon MOSFETs. They can be employed in historical systems as well as next-generation power converters and inverters as drop-in replacements.

Cascode arrangement of Si-MOSFET and SiC-JFET (



This collaboration between YAGEO Group and MPS illustrates the ever-increasing demand for high efficiency power conversion technology and the effort between the two companies that allows each to take lead in their field while providing a complete solution to developers of high-power density electronic equipment.

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Here we have a variety of product offerings from YAGEO Group (covering KEMET Electronics Corporation, Pulse Electronics Corporation) and MONOLITHIC POWER SYSTEMS INC. (MPS):

Check out our latest product offerings from YAGEO Group (covering KEMET Electronics Corporation, Pulse Electronics Corporation) and Monolithic Power Systems Inc. (MPS) here:








Efficiency above 98.3%

  • Power factor above 99%
  • 3kW rated power
  • Weight <0.9kg
  • Dimensions: 290mmx75mmx40mm
  • GUI Interface
  • Meets the following standards:
    • Harmonic currents: IEC 61000-3-2
    • Conducted EMC: CISPR 3
    • Voltage SAGs: IEC 61000-4-11


The totem-pole topology offers high efficiency and power factor in a 1U rackmountable package.  It is fully configurable with the VB Pro™ 4.0 tool, with a customizable digital control loop and protection limits and alarms. Additionally, it can be controlled and configured through an RS-485 bus.


Figure 2: Totem-Pole Topology


YAGEO’s Circuit Protection Components


NTC Thermistor – NA Series


NTC thermistors have a negative temperature coefficient, which means that the resistance decreases with increasing temperature. They are used as resistive temperature sensors in many electronic devices and appliances, as well as for current-limiting in circuits.

      • 3978 K, -40 °C to 125 °C,
      • Free Hanging
      • Wire Leaded

MOV – 14D Series


MOVs (Metal Oxide Varistors) are used to protect against surges, spikes and lightning strikes by absorbing excess voltage. They vary their resistance based on the amount of voltage applied to them, reducing this voltage to safe levels. MOVs can be used in many different circuits – they’re integrated into various appliances and power supplies as a protection component, as well as being used in system boards and graphics cards.




      • 18V to 1800V voltage range
      • ±10% tolerance rating
      • ZnO-based construction
      • Coated with silicone or epoxy
      • 5mm to 53mm diameter range



ESD – SDT Series


Protection against electrostatic discharges (ESD) is part of EMC Immunity (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) requirements. It is the ability for equipment to properly operate in its electromagnetic environment by limiting the reception of electromagnetic energy that may cause physical damage.




  • Fast response speed
  • Low dynamic resistance
  • Excellent clamping capability
  • High reliability
  • DC power supplies
  • Security surveillance
  • Telecom





EMI suppression capacitors are a specialized subset of commercially available capacitors that are designed to reduce or filter electrical noise out of the power being supplied to a circuit. These capacitors are able to do this by reducing the input impedance of the system for higher frequency noise, thus shielding circuits from such disturbances.

X-EMI Capacitors – R52 Series 







1st to market including:

Miniaturized X2 Capacitor
Highest capacitance
Ideal for a space optimal design
Self-healing capability
C: 10nF to 22µF
V: 310Vac / 630Vdc





Y-EMI Capacitors – C900AC Series




Operating Temperature: −40 to +125°C



·       Class X1 440 VAC/Y2 300 VAC (IEC 60384-14)

·       7.5 and 10mm lead spacing

·       Preformed (Crimped) or straight lead configurations

·       Non-polar disc capacitor

·       Encapsulation meets flammability standard UL 94 V-0

·       Lead free and RoHS Compliant

·       Halogen Free










High frequency transformers are used to convert power and at the same time to ensure proper voltage matching and provide galvanic isolation. These factors make it possible to reduce the size of the converter.


Operating temperature: -40°C to 125°C




Customized Solution

Turns Ratio (1-2) : (3-4) = 3.75 ± 3%

Hi-Pot at 50/60Hz 60s: 4.2kV

Inductance at 10kHz : 155µH ± 10%

 DCR (1-2) = 15.8mΩ Max.

DCR (3-4) = 2.0mΩ Max.

Thermoset plastic material with flammability rating UL 94V-0 or better





The current sense transformer, is a transformer that is optimized or designed to produce an alternating current in the secondary winding which is proportional to the current being “sensed” or measured in the primary winding



Current sensing – Primary Side




Operating temperature: -40°C to 125°C



Rating Current: 50A

Turns Ratio (Pri:Sec) = 1:100

Inductance Secondary= 4.5mH Min


Hi-Pot (Pri to Sec) = 5kVdc, 6s

Inductance Range: 20kHz to 1MHz

Insulation: Reinforced, 10mm creepage



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