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Laird Thermal Systems creates thermal management solutions for challenging applications in the worldwide medical, analytical, industrial, transportation, and telecommunications sectors.

Thermoelectric Coolers:


Thermal Management Solutions

Acton Technology offers thermal management solutions tailored for your specific projects. Contact our technical experts now.

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Custom Cooling Solutions Made Simple

Stop worrying about thermal management. We’ve got you covered.

Looking to keep your temperature-sensitive gear perfectly chilled? Laird Thermal Systems’ broad selection of thermoelectric coolers has you covered.

With a wide range of:

  • Cooling capacities
  • Temperature differentials, and
  • Form factors.

You can find the perfect thermoelectric cooling solution for your needs.

Whether you need a standard product or a custom-developed prototype, Acton Tech’s thermal experts are ready to work with you to create the optimal thermoelectric cooling system for your application.

Stay cool and in control with Laird Thermal Systems’ top-of-the-line thermoelectric coolers.

Thermal management solutions Acton Tech has got you covered

Thermoelectric Assemblies :


Laird Thermal Systems offers the industry’s most extensive range of thermoelectric cooler assemblies. These assemblies can:

  • Cool well below ambient temperatures – protecting electronics in enclosures from external contaminants and reducing moisture exposure.

With precise temperature control, our thermoelectric cooler assemblies are ideal for

  • Medical
  • Analytical
  • Industrial
  • Telecom Thermal Management applications.

Temperature Controllers :


Laird Thermal Systems offers durable liquid cooling solutions (LCS) for temperature-critical applications in various industries.

  • LCS systems, ranging from 100 watts to 25K watts and beyond, ensure optimal temperature control above, below, or equal to ambient levels.
  • With a service life of over 20 years, our solutions are designed for long-term reliability.

Liquid Cooling Systems :


Laird Thermal Systems offers an extensive product range and specializes in creating custom cooling solutions tailored to meet specific customer needs.

Custom Solutions :


Plug and play with Laird Thermal Systems’ relay module, prefabricated wiring harness, and IO card for quick and convenient connections. Save space with this easy-to-assemble and operate card module that requires no tools.