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cStack™ Flex Cables


Amphenol’s cStack™ flexible circuit assemblies are designed for applications where flexibility, space, weight and performance are critical. They are available in standard and custom flex circuit and connector designs.

cStack™ Flex is a compression based interconnect utilizing Amphenol’s cStack™ interposer terminated to a multi-layer impedance-controlled flexible circuit in a compact footprint.

The flex cable assembly can be engineered to meet unique signal integrity, mechanical, power, and environmental requirements. cStack™ Flex cables are qualified in a wide range of commercial and military applications and have been deployed in the field for over 15 years.

  • Conserves space and maximizes airflow
  • Lower signal loss and better stability than PCB-based solution
  • Compression termination allows lower mated height
  • Supports mezzanine and coplanar applications
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