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Common Applications of Ferrite Core Inductors in Power Electronics

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Inductors are one of the most obscure yet integral power electronic components found commonly in many systems, such as mobiles, televisions, and radios. Made by using an insulated wire that is wound into a coil, inductors come with high permeability, allowing them to store electrical energy in their magnetic fields. When electricity flows through a circuit, these components play a fundamental role in opposing any changes in the current flowing through it. This resistance is key to mitigating any damages or failure that may occur in the absence of an inductor. When it comes to inductors, there are generally three types seen in the market, from low inductance air core inductors and iron core inductors to the most popularly known type, the ferrite core inductor. In this article, we will shine a light on how a ferrite core inductor works, what facets it entails, its applications and more.

Ferrite Core Inductors


Before delving into ferrite core inductors, it is important to understand what ferrite core is all about. It is a type of magnetic core constructed using a homogenous ceramic structure known as ferrite and is used in the windings of transformers, insulators and other wound components. Inductors that comprise this ferrite core inside their coil are referred to as ferrite core inductors. They work by employing the basic principles of electromagnetism, leveraging the properties of the ferrite material. These inductors encapsulate a fixed value with high permeability and inductance, preventing substantial energy losses. This makes them ideal for a range of circuit applications, including power conversion, broadband and interference suppression.

Characteristics of Ferrite Core Inductors

Encompassing significant magnetic properties that enhance their efficiency, it is no mystery as to why they are preferred over other inductors. However, producing electronic circuits of superior quality isn’t the only benefit associated with ferrite core inductors. Listed below are some of the most important features associated with this vital component:

Key Features

  • They have the versatile ability to alter electrical energy into magnetic energy as well as store the energy.
  • Not only do they generate a magnetic field when current transmits through the circuit, but they also allow direct current (DC) to pass through at higher frequencies.
  • Comprising ferrite material that brings about minimal core losses, ferrite core inductors allow an efficient concentration of magnetic flux within the core.
  • Designed to exhibit low power loss with high magnetic permeability, they assist with enhancing the inductance.
  • The ability to store a large amount of energy in a small space offers more compact and diverse design options.
  • Due to the use of toroid or pot core, ferrite core inductors come with a minimal stray field.
  • Ferrite core inductors have a saturation point, which means they can prevent circuits from becoming magnetically saturated.

When it comes to ferrite core inductors, there are two main categories: power and RF inductors. Power ferrite core inductors are usually larger and can handle high currents. They are utilised in power supplies and assist with preventing saturation. RF inductors, on the other hand, are smaller but can minimise losses even at high frequencies. RF inductors, as their name suggests, are generally used in radio frequency applications and are wound with fewer turns.

Applications of Ferrite Core Inductors

With an array of benefits, including high magnetic permeability and low power loss, they are utilised in a variety of electronic devices and systems. Let’s explore some of the most commonly used applications of ferrite core inductors:

Medical Devices

Some medical equipment requires high-frequency components to be either isolated or filtered in order to ensure a seamless and secure mode of operation. Ferrite core inductors can do just that, so they are often used in certain medical devices.

Automotive Electronics

Ferrite core inductors have also found their place in numerous automotive systems due to their ability to regulate power and filter electrical noise.

Power Electronics

With an impactful role in power regulation and conversion, these inductors are often used in power supplies and passive electronic devices like transformers. In addition, they are often used in power conditioning.

Radio Frequency Applications

The high-frequency performance of these inductors is crucial in RF applications and, therefore, are often used in devices such as radio transmitters and receivers.


Ferrite core inductors also come into play in another integral sector – telecommunication, where they are frequently utilised to minimise interference as well as to achieve a clear transmission of signal.

While these inductors have a plethora of benefits and are used in multiple sectors and applications, they do have certain challenges and limitations. For instance, they may be associated with core losses, especially at high frequencies. Furthermore, overheating may occur in the event of hysteresis loss or an eddy current loss.

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