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Visible LED – Surface Mount PLCC LED (Reflector) 57-11


Surface Mount PLCC LED (Reflector) 57-11

The 57-21series is available in soft orange, green,blue and yellow. Due to the package design, the LED has wide viewing angle and optimized light coupling by inter reflector. This feature makes ideal for light pipe application. The low current requirement makes this device ideal for portable equipment or any other application where power is at a premium.


․P-LCC-4 package.
․White package.
․Fluorescence Type
․High Luminous Intensity
․High Efficiency
․ESD protection.
․The product itself will remain within RoHS compliant version.
․Compliance with EU REACH
․Compliance Halogen Free .(Br<900ppm,CI<900ppm,Br+CI<1500ppm)
․Precondition: Bases on JEDEC J-STD 020D Level 3

Other Applications

․OA equipment
․Backlighting of full color LCD
․Automotive equipment
․Replacement of conventional light bulbs and Fluorescent Lamps