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Photo Coupler – Photo Transistor 4Pin High Isolation


Photo Transistor 4Pin High Isolation

The EL847 series devices each of consist of an infrared emitting diodes, optically coupled to a phototransistor detector, and provides four isolated channels. They are packaged in a 16-pin DIP package and available in SMD option.


• High Voltage BVCEO=80V(min.)
• Operating temperature up to +85°C
• High isolation voltage between input and output Viso = 8000 Vrms
• Rated recurring peak voltage (repetitive) VIORM = 1000 VRMS
• Creepage current resistance according to VDE 0303/IEC 60112 comparative tracking index: CTI ≥ 200
• Thickness through insulation ≧3mm
• Pb free and RoHS compliant

Other Applications

• Switch mode power supply
• Line receiver
• Computer peripheral interface
• Microprocessor system interface
• Circuits for safe protective separation against electrical shock according to safety class II (reinforced isolation)