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Self clinching technology has completely transformed the way we fasten things together, making PEM® a top player in the global industry. It’s a smart and efficient alternative to traditional methods like spot welding, and it performs exceptionally well in even the most demanding applications. When you use a self clinching fastener (also known as a clinch nut or press nut) on a ductile material, it pushes the material around the mounting hole, causing it to flow and form a secure connection with the specially designed part of the fastener. To prevent the fastener from rotating once it’s inserted, it has features like a serrated clinching ring, knurl, ribs, or hex head. This makes it a permanent part of the piece it’s installed in. Self clinching fasteners are incredibly strong, versatile, and designed for a wide range of fastening applications, making them a smart choice over traditional spot weld fasteners. The concept of self clinching revolutionized the industry and established PennEngineering® as a global leader. As the demand for joining thinner and lighter metals grew, we expanded our product line to meet the needs of various industries. Our original self clinch design has evolved to serve hundreds of new applications across industries like automotive, consumer electronics, datacom/telecom, and industrial sectors. Our self clinching nuts, studs, spacers, standoffs, access hardware, and other components are used worldwide

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• PEM® Self-Clinching Fasteners
• microPEM® Fasteners
• Heyco® Engineered Plastics
• ATLAS® Brand Rivet Nuts
• PROFIL® Fasteners
• VariMount® Bonding Fasteners
• SI® Threaded Inserts for Plastics
• Installation Equipment