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Paladin® HD 112G Backplane Interconnect System


Paladin® HD 112G Backplane Interconnect System


The Paladin® HD interconnect system provides world class bandwidth through industry leading density at 112GB/s performance, supporting up to 144 differential pairs orthogonally within 1U spacing. Paladin HD utilizes a balanced pair structure; built with individually assembled and discretely shielded differential pairs which have a revolutionary hybrid board attachment for maximized density. The mating interface is designed to optimize space and eliminate the traditional orthogonal “twist”. Paladin HD utilizes a common mating interface between orientations and can support orthogonal and cable applications.

  • World class bandwidth: 144 orthogonal pairs within 1RU at 112GB/s
  • Industry leading transmission-to-crosstalk performance
  • Revolutionary hybrid board attach allows for flexible board routing
  • Impedance control over a 1.5mm connector de-mate
  • Discretely shielded and balanced differential pairs
  • Common mating interface