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EazyPwr™ IP67 Field Installable Connector

EazyPwr™ IP67 field installable connector provides the next generation of custom power with up to 125A per contact. The metal latching system ensures a reliable connection between the mated pair. The water-tight plug and screw-on cap can be removed easily. Wide range of customizable components to fit specific application needs. Rubber sealing provides IP67 protection. Just select the wire gauge that is right for your application.

Field Installable:

  • Keying options for fool-proof install
  • Patented pull tabs for easy-to-release mating and unmating
  • Saves time spent installing and replacing the cable

Sealed Protection:

  • Water resistant IP67 rated solutions available
  • Optional sealing features protect from harsh conditions such as dust, heat, and shock

Fuse Technology:

  • Optional fused wiring for protection when handling
  • LED light indicates if fuse has been overloaded
  • Fused safety available on connector and cable side