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Backlight LED – Side View Product BL-3006


Side View Product BL-3006

Due to the package design, 3006N has wide viewing angle, low power consumption and white LEDs are devices which are materialized by combing blue chips and special phosphor. This feature makes the LED ideal for light guide application.


• Side view white LED.
• White SMT package.
• Lead frame package with individual 2 pins.
• Wide viewing angle
• Soldering methods: IR reflow soldering
• Pb-free
• The product itself will remain within RoHS compliant version.
• Compliance with EU REACH.
• Compliance Halogen Free .(Br <900 ppm ,Cl <900 ppm , Br+Cl < 1500 ppm).

Other Applications

• LCD Backlight
• Mobile phones
• Indicators
• Illuminations
• Switch Lights